Me Too Flow in Thailand with sexual harassment


  • Siriporn Boonchu
  • Jarunee Mumbansao


Flow Me Too, Sexual Harassment


This article aims to present Me Too trends in Thailand in terms of sexual harassment. Sexual harassment is one of the most common occurrences in Thai society. The causes of sexual harassment may be the result of individuals, inappropriate housing, workplace or educational institutions, media or video clips. Sexual harassment varies and its violence is different. For example, verbal contacts, gesture or touch affects psychologically and physically the victims including their families and jobs. Me Too trend is one thing enabling the victims to reveal the misbehavior of sexual harassment. Thai societies are not really affected by Me Too trend because the societies overlook and pay no attention to the threat of sexual harassment until it harms themselves. Moreover, the female victims do not dare to come out and uncover the story of harassment to others. Me Too trend is, therefore, another channel to help people in the societies to be aware of sexual harassment.




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