Factors influencing the street food consumer experience in Bangkok after the COVID-19 pandemic


  • Watsamon Santaweesuk
  • Kanokkarn Kaewnuch


Consumer Experience, Expectations, Street Food


This research aims to study experience expectations from tourists' street food consumption and to study the factors that influenced the creation of consumer experiences after the COVID-19 pandemic in Bangkok. Learn about the concept of experienced expectations, sensory, emotional, health, cooking processes and comfort, as well as a street food consumer experience in Bangkok. After the COVID-19 pandemic, samples used in this study were 401 tourists or consumers who had eaten street food in Bangkok area. Stepwise multiple regression analysis using prefabricated computer programs. The majority of respondents were female, Gen Y (ages 19-38). Single status, undergraduate education Careers of government officials/state enterprise employees Monthly personal income 15,001 - 22,500 Baht, Buddhist Dining styles from street food restaurants Found that most of them went to street food with their girlfriends. The most popular street food types are main dishes such as pad thai with fresh shrimp, fried shellfish. Noodles, som tam, an influential source of information before deciding to go to the restaurant to choose from the original experience. The reason for eating is quick convenience. In covid-19 situation, tourists can take into account the choice of food during their seating sessions at the restaurant. Regarding cleanliness, take away period (take away) take into account the cleanliness, tourists or consumers who have eaten street food in Bangkok area, have experience expectations. Sensory experience included in good levels Love how to prepare ingredients. There are opinions on the consumption situation factor. The consumption situation in COVID-19 is good, focusing on hot food/cooked from restaurants. Germ-based safety of food from street food restaurants. Expectations (comfort, mood, cooking process) Affects the consumer experience of street food in Bangkok After the covid-19 pandemic was statistically significant at .01.




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