Violent Behavior in Media Use by Students in Chiang Mai Province


  • Wichulada Matanboon Chiang Mai University


Behavior, Violence, Cyberbullying, Hate Speech, Media Literacy


This research article was a quantitative research that aimed to 1) survey student social media usage behaviors; 2) to test the hypothesis of student violence behavior on social media and media information literacy behavior. The research was launched by collecting data using questionnaires from 4 target schools in Chiang Mai Province, 200 students per school, totaling 800 students. The results showed that most of the students are female [Thai-Yuan and Khon Muang] study in Grade 12, live with their parents or with relatives. Their parents were employee or labor. In their free time, they usually listened to music, watch movies or TV such as action movies, enjoy fighting games and often play on YouTube. Moreover, they also use social media to chat with friends and to study. Most of the students don’t have experienced Cyberbullying on social media. In media information literacy behavior, they also had a regular analysis of information beforehand. The hypothesis tests founded that Cyberbullying and hate speech depend on the parent's occupation. And the social media awareness behaviors depend on the student's free time at the 0.05 level of statistical significance.




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