Intertextuality Within Poem Describing Entrustment of Love in Thai country Songs


  • Chonticha Jaisangeam


intertextuality, love messages, love message sending to ladies, Thai country songs, literature


This study aims to study love message sending tactics in Thai country songs. Twenty love message sending songs were selected for the study. The findings reveal that these song lyrics are influenced by literary texts related to women in ancient literatures and its nature of matchmaking tactics. Love message sending tactics in Thai county songs include direct and indirect implications of various emotions and feelings. The most frequently found love message sending tactic comprised of: 8 songs with love messages sending through wind, followed by 5 songs through song lyrics, 3 songs through animals or Information Communication Technology (ICT), 2 songs through sky, and one song through land, water, the moon, rain, plant, religious belief, lover’s heart, human, thing, or words. Moreover, it was investigated that factors related to the creation of intertextual love message sending in Thai country songs were: 1) writers’ personal experiences gained by their own perceptions towards love messages; 2) adoption of love message sending routines from previous literatures into country songs; and 3) love messages sends though modern ICT. This leads to the consumption that love message sending tactics are varied according to social and cultural contexts.




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