Publication Ethics


  1. Must not submit previously published article whether it is in Thai or in any other languages.
  2. The manuscripts must not be submitted elsewhere or authors are reliable for the sanctions.
  3. Must not use ideas, words, and figures of other people without citation or conduct self-plagiarism.
  4. Must comply with the journal’s objectives.
  5. Is reliable for fonts and format adjustment according to the template provided.
  6. All authors and co-authors must be named.
  7. Shall examine content and references accuracy.
  8. Cancellation for other journal resubmission is not permitted within 90 days, with the first day being the submission date.
  9. Responsible for all cancellation fees. Once the article is submitted through a reviewing process, author must pay equivalent amount the journal has paid for the article to be peer-reviewed and is reliable for any associated fees.



  1. Examine manuscript quality and plagiarism. If plagiarism is found, editor is entitled to reject such submission with or without author’s consent.
  2. Keep peer-review process and author’s/editor’s associated information confidential.
  3. Should give unbiased consideration and only credit an article based on its merits.
  4. Must avoid conflict of interest between authors, reviewers, or other editors.



  1. Reviewer must not disclose any information related to the article while the assessment is taking place.
  2. Must deliver unbiased assessment and only judge it based on its merits.
  3. Must notify journal editor should there be a conflict of interest between them and the author of the manuscript that is being reviewed.
  4. Only review articles within their area of expertise.