Love Trauma and Social Structure in Chulamanee’s novels


  • Warunya Ajchariyabodee


Love trauma, Social structure, Novel, Chulamanee


The objectives of this research were 1) to analyze the characteristics of love trauma in Chulamanee's novels and 2) to analyze the social structure affecting the incidence of love trauma in Chulamanee's novels. The results of the research revealed three types of love trauma: the role of father and mother, conflicts of family members and the value of love. The results of the research on the issue of social structure and the trauma of love in Chulamanee's novels encountered two problems; namely, the problem of family structure in Chulamanee's novels and the problem of femininity and social space. The results showed that, in all four novels, the problem of family dysfunctions caused by female characters was presented. This shows that women are the cause of problems in the family. On the issue of maternal power in novels, power is often used as dominance and influence on the thoughts and actions of husbands and children. When the mother dominates or has conflicts with her daughter-in-law or a misunderstanding between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, a male character takes a role in the situation. The study leads to problem-solving in a family structure and inequality among family members.




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