Sexual Harassment of Students in Entertainment Venues Bang Phlat district


  • Kritsanaphon Jamjit Directorate of Joint Intelligence, Royal Thai Armed Forces Headquarters


Sexual harassment, Student, Entertainment Venues


Research study on “Sexual harassment of students in entertainment venues in Bang Phlat District” has a purpose. 1) To study the level of sexual harassment in student entertainment establishments. 2) To compare the sexual harassment classified by personal factors and 3) To study the factors related to the sexual harassment in the student's entertainment place. A sample of 154 people was used. The statistical analysis was based on percentage, mean, standard deviation. In descriptive lectures general information One Way Anova and Pearson Correlation (r) were used for analysis. The results showed that most of the samples had a frequency of sexual harassment in the entertainment setting overall. The frequency was at a low level (X ̅ = 2.01, SD = 0.872). Sexual harassment by gesture was the highest (X ̅ = 2.3, SD=1.093), followed by verbal sexual harassment. (X ̅ = 1.86, SD = 0.879) and sexual harassment by physical contact (X ̅ = 1.80, SD = 0.953), respectively. Females, males, and other sexes were statistically different at 0.05 levels of sexual harassment. And the study of factors related to sexual harassment in the entertainment of students found that dress was at a moderate level. It was a one-way relationship (r = 0.571). Excessive alcohol consumption behavior was moderately correlated. It was a one-way relationship (r = 0.555). Interactions with strangers were at a moderate level. is a unidirectional relationship (r = 0.543).




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