A Study of People Driving Behavior of Motorcycle with Accident Risk In Charoen Tham Sub district Wihan Daeng District Saraburi


  • Kanyakorn Ruangchuamuan Directorate of Joint Civil Affairs


motorcyclist, accident risk, Saraburi


This research study aims to study motorcycle driving behavior of people who have the risk of accident in Charoen Tham Sub-district. Wihan Daeng District Saraburi province and compare motorcycling behavior Of people who are at risk of an accident Classified by personal factors This was a quantitative research using questionnaires. The population used for this study was 354 people in Tambon Charoen Tham The research tools were questionnaires, questionnaires, and statistics used in data analysis. The statistics were used to test the hypothesis to find the difference between independent and dependent variables: Independent samples t-test. Double difference test was performed using LSD (Least significant difference test) method. Independent samples t-test was used to compare the differences. One-way ANOVA was used for comparing the difference between three or more independent variables.

The study found that 1) People in Tambon Charoen Tham Mostly female Most of them 54.8 percent are between the ages of 18-25 years, 44.1 percent of education. Most of them are at the secondary / vocational level. Representing 67.8 percent of occupations, most of which are students / students 50.0% of the most experienced motorcyclists 1-5 years, 47.5% of the majority have their own motorcycles. Accounting for 85.6 percent, most of them never committed traffic misconduct Most of them 60.2 percent did not wear a helmet. Accounted for 16.1 percent and most have never experienced an accident. Accounted for 59.3 percent. 2) People have risky driving behavior of motorcycles. Is moderate the average value was 3.30. When considering each side, it was found that the driving behavior Has a high level of risk effect This is an average of 3.78 in terms of traffic compliance Has a high level of risk effect It was an average of 3.72 for caution in driving. Has a low risk effect Mean 2.39. 3) The results of comparison of the people's motorcycling with the risk of accidents According to personal factors, it was found that people with different gender, age, occupation, accident experience had No different And people with education level Motorcycle driving experience The experience of hitting the order was significantly different in driving behavior at 0.05 level.




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