Health Welfare An Innovation Building Guidelines For Erdely of Samakkhi Community, Yala Province


  • Sulaiman Hamoh


Innovation, Elderly, Health Welfare


The objective research of this study was to study the problems and welfare needs of the elderly and to synthesis the guidelines for building an innovation of health welfare for the elderly at the Samakkhi community in Yala province. The research is qualitative research. The target of the group was selected by purposive sampling using an interview form and group discussion as a data collection tool. Conduct in-depth interviews with the leader of the elderly group, committee, members, health volunteer community, and community leader

The results showed that: 1. The context of problems and welfare needs noted that most elderlies were rare poor families, big size families and having the burden of high payment, was not enough using their families. There have bedridden patients and specific medical doctors and nurses were still not enough to respond elderly. 2. The results of the synthesis of the way health welfare innovation for the elderly found that 1. building saving welfare for health focus on elderly saving to health elderly in the long-term 2. building career and increasing income welfare for the elderly that be proper 3. building reaction welfare for supporting the exercise of elderly 4. building advisory welfare for respond to problems of elderly 5. building community care welfare by focusing on the participation of the community, leader, and other people.




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