An Investigation of Translation Accuracy by Google Translate from English Idioms to Thai at Sentence Level


  • Puree Kanchanakas Faculty of Liberal Arts, Rajamangala University of Technology Phra Nakhon
  • Montarat Rungruangthum Faculty of Liberal Arts, Rajamangala University of Technology Phra Nakhon


Translation, English Idioms, Translation, English Idioms, Thai Language, Google Translate, Google Translate


Google Translate (GT) is a translation tool which supports various language translation and is popular. However, using automatic machine translations possibly causes errors from differences in language characteristics. This study aimed to investigate the accuracy of translating English idioms into Thai at the sentence level by using GT, and to categorize the errors that occurred in translating English idioms into Thai. The data used in the study were idioms derived from Collins COBUILD Idioms Dictionary (2020). The sample group involved head-to-face parts of English idioms. Overall, there were 246 English idioms at the sentence level. The sentences were translated into Thai using GT, and then the translation accuracy was analyzed by using frequency and percentage. The results showed that the English idiom sentences translated to Thai language by GT were divided into three levels: accurate translation (15.44%), close-in-meaning translation (9.34%), and inaccurate translation (75.20%). The 185 English idiom sentences incorrectly translated to Thai were divided into four types: word-by-word translation (70.81%), misinterpretation (22.16%), incomplete translation (4.86%), and grammatical errors (2.16%). Thus, language translation program developers can use the study’s findings to enhance the precision of translating English idioms into Thai. This study also provides a guidance for any GT users and English language instructors to utilize GT for learning and translating English idioms into Thai more effectively.  


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