Gamification for Designing Learning Activity of Online Chinese Classroom


  • Jidapa Amarangkul Panyapiwat Institute of Management
  • Natthana Koeysomboon


Learning Management, Gamification, Chinese, Motivation


The purpose of this article was to present guidelines of using gamification to manage online Chinese class. This study used the concept and some game design mechanisms for learning management to stimulate learner’s attentiveness and participation in Chinese class. Due to the lack of interest and motivation in online Chinese class. Consequently, teachers are necessary to adapt and modify their teaching method to make their classroom more modern and appropriate to the current situation. This article suggests gamification for designing learning activity of online Chinese classroom to be a new guideline for teachers and taking some elements of the game, for instance: accumulate experience points and leaderboard to design class activities to help both teachers and learners to stay motivated to participate in online Chinese class. However, this study has only considered the context of designing teaching plan of online Chinese class and may be used for further research on future achievements and adjusted for appropriateness according to the group of learners.




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