Democratic Citizenship of People in Dusit Distric, Bangkok.


  • Janejira Jitaksorn


Citizenship, Democracy, People


To survey people's participation in democracy in Dusit District, Bangkok. This research is a quantitative research. 300 people in Bangkok. The tools used for data collection were questionnaires, data analysis using software packages. The researcher used to describe the qualifications of the respondents in the study by using descriptive statistics consisting of Percentage, Mean, and Standard Deviations of the observed variables. Continuous Variables and Percentage Analysis For data on the canonical variables that are the data of the preliminary sample. and present the information with tables and narrations. This research analyzed the statistical data by using the SPSS program to calculate various statistical values ​​by converting the data from the collected questionnaires into numerical codes into Microsoft Excel to save the data and analyze. data with the SPSS statistical computer program. 1. Overview of public participation At a high level มาก (= 4.16 , S.D. = 0.92 ) 2. The overview of citizenship in the democratic system of the people is divided into 3 aspects, namely citizenship (respecting the rules) at a high level ( = 4.19 , S.D. = 0.96 ) Citizenship ( Respect for the rights of others ) is at a high level ( = 4.33 , S.D. = 0.82 ) Citizenship ( Social Responsibility ) is at the highest level (= 4.40 , S.D. = 0.76 )




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