Forms of Community Tourism on the New Way of Learning During the Situation of Covid-19 Transmission


  • Nalaumon Anusonphat Ayutthaya Rajabhat University


community tourism; new way of learning; transmission; Covid-19 infectious disease


Forms of community tourism on the new way of learning during the situation of Covid-19 transmission can be synthesized into 5 forms as follows: 1) form of community tourism promotion and raising the standard of tourist sites in new way, by boosting sanitary safety and building confidence for the people, creating new norms in tourism service provision of Thailand, preparing for the guidelines of operation and preventive measures against the Covid-19 risk for the business places of the Ministry of Public Health, preparing for guidelines for tourist sites by the community for safety and hygiene, and preparing for tools to be used in developing the tourism by the community in form of teamwork certifying the tourist sites by the community; 2) form of community tourism for learning new way of tourism in terms of culture, the government promotes the community th apply intellectual legacy, way of lives, cultures and traditions of each community which are the original cultural resource to be added with value, boosting strength and generating income to the community in form of local tourism that is important in developing tourism sustainably; 3) form of tourism by community in new way, the government’s policy to distribute income into the grassroot community and reduce the inequality, by applyign the principles and guidelines, with cooperation from all sides so that the tourism community could be strong, beneficial, and the people could have sustainable income; 4) form of the process in building career for the community to develop the community tourism, under the self-sufficiency principle, preparing for action plan, preparing the expert teams on the community career in the village level; 5) form of tourism in new way with OTOP, innovative way, OTOP Project  that encourages the combination of OTOP products with tourism so that the community could have more income from selling OTOP products of the community and from the tourism activities that help generate income distributed to the community and the new generations of the people in the community so that they would not have to go out of the community in order to make a living.




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