Reshaping Strategies: The Pedagogical Continuity in Higher Education during Post-Covid-19


  • Buabuttri Ronnaritivichai


Reshaping Strategies, Pedagogical, Higher Education, Covid-19


The research studies the events of tertiary study shaped by an ongoing occurrence of Covid-19 pandemic. From a policy viewpoint, it seeks to assist the universities in the new equilibrium world to achieve a resilient education through multidimensional perspectives; a pedagogical, a technological, a social and cultural, and a managerial aspect. Data collections were performed by documentary reviews, focus groups, and in-depth interviews with 3 university executives, 3 educators, and 36 bachelor’s degree students (six groups). The research objectives were to: 1) examine changes in the dynamic and approaches of higher education during the pandemic; 2) identify challenges and opportunities arose from this adversity; and 3) provide policy recommendation model for the higher education institutions during the post-pandemic. Qualitative data analysis shows that the pandemic had disrupted long-term evolution in education system as it had wiped out many years of education gain, nonetheless, the effect of it differs based on the technological readiness of the country as well as the socio-economic diversity. The interviews showed that the three stakeholders often portrayed different levels of positive feelings towards online education experience during the lockdown. Executives seemed to have higher opinions towards it, followed by educators, and students. Research found that the biggest challenge would be to overcome digital diversity, outdated pedagogical assessment and evaluation method, inconsistent upskill and reskill, inapt online learning materials, non-positive online learning climate, absence of participators’ engagement, poor online brand community, and lack of consistent support from the university. Despite its setbacks, COVID-19 had also put forward immense digital acceleration which will forever redefine education as it had extended university businesses to include atypical students who is likely to adopt bite-size pay-as-you-go learning opportunity. The greatest opportunity of all for the university, however, is the new potential to deliver a resilient education and an ability to recreate a new generation of human capital that is a resilient learner.




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